City of Greenville offers annual Christmas tree recycling program

Posted December 27, 2016

DeKalb County accepts Christmas trees from December 26 to January 31 each year.

That Christmas tree you so carefully chose a few weeks ago will have to go soon.

When it's time to take down that Christmas tree, don't just throw it away: Give it to the goats. San Francisco recycles roughly 570 tons of Christmas trees each year. Trees and trimmings are ground into mulch at Twin Chimneys Landfill. How about "tree-cycle" it?

The City of Midland Solid Waste Department wants to help take your unwanted Christmas trees off your hands.

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A spokeswoman for the Wilson County Sheriff's Office declined Sunday to provide details of the slayings. Neighbors told WTVD that there was a heavy law enforcement presence at the scene.

Officials said it's a way to keep the trees out of the dump.

Keep in mind to remove all decorations, including lights, ornaments and tinsel, before dropping off your tree. Only live Christmas trees are accepted - no wreaths.

Also, the City of Hoover is asking residents to drop off trees at the parking lot on Municipal Lane across from the lake house.

Residents normally serviced by private waste haulers should check with those companies to see whether and when tree pickup is available.