New Pokemon Go Update Has Arrived

Posted January 20, 2017

The new Pokemon Go overhaul additionally incorporates minor content fixes and presents Apple Watch functionality. It is still not settled whether these changes are "purely cosmetic" or will lead to another exciting update for "Pokemon Go". While Niantic has yet to confirm this, Pokemon Go data miners managed to find this information in the game's source code.

Niantic has tried to lure fans back through seasonal events, the introduction of new Pokemon such as Ditto, and, as Heavy explained, the removal of the oh-so-common Pidgey and Rattata from the available creatures that can hatch from 2km eggs.

Pokemon Go now tracks distance travelled through Global Positioning System.

As players know, Global Positioning System drift can make a big difference for things such as egg hatching and walking with your Pokemon buddy. Not a lot was added in this new update, but more is expected to be included later this year.

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Nevertheless, the update also introduces a number of minor "text fixes" and an updated Apple Watch app that now also displays eggs obtained from PokeStops. With lucrative deals with companies like Starbucks and Sprint, Niantic has a long future planned for Pokemon GO, and the more players engage, the better Niantic's corporate relationships will be.

Although it's usually only 0.1km here and there, when the rarest Pokemon like Togepi are found in 10km eggs, every little helps - especially when you can't walk as much or as far as you'd like every day due to being stuck in offices and the like.

While the Pokemon GO craze died just as fast it was downloaded on smartphones across New Zealand and Australia, the augmented reality game was still a massive success.

Anyone who's on a quest to catch 'em all will be absolutely distraught to hear that the next Pokemon Go update is going to totally change the way you play. The thing is, these assets have yet to be "unleashed", which could mean that Niantic is simply teasing us, waiting for the opportune time to reveal a new update down the road that will "unlock" all of these new features and assets.