Go Red for Women Day targets heart, stroke risks

Posted February 02, 2017

February is Women's Heart Health Month, and it is a great time for women to start taking better care of their hearts all year round.

The organization says heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect in the country. Attendees, along with Tulane students, faculty and staff are all encouraged to wear red in support of the National Wear Red Day.

Wear red on February 3. Right alongside the important learning and information on Heart Disease for Women, with PeaceHealth cardiologist James Suero, MD.

To help increase awareness of women's heart disease, the Southeast Georgia Health System Cardiopulmonary Services department is encouraging the community to wear red Friday on National Wear Red Day. "Statistically speaking, men have a much higher risk of heart attack, stroke or coronary heart disease". Sanford Health, El Riad Shriners and the American Heart Association are all teaming up to put it on.

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By quitting smoking, eating healthy and staying physically active, individuals substantially reduce their risk of heart disease. But, that statistic can change, because 80-percent of all cardiac events may be prevented with education and lifestyle changes.

With over one in three women living with a form of cardiovascular disease, according to the AHA, almost half of those who are age 20 or over are black.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States one in four women die from heart disease as many women remain unaware of heart disease as a risk factor when considering their wellness.

Women who are involved with the Go Red For Women movement live healthier lives.