PlayStation 4 receives update with brand new features

Posted February 04, 2017

It's easy to upgrade the HDD that came with your PS4, but if you're still looking for more storage space on the console, we've got you covered. Applications can be downloaded and installed directly on the external drive and will appear in the content launcher on the home screen like any other app.

It's as simple as plugging in a USB 3.0 hard drive into the console, so anyone can easily add more space to their system without having to do anything complicated. The PS4 external hard drive feature will support drives up to a whopping 8TB, which is fantastic. The system will automatically begin using this storage device, and you can manage what is on the HDD unit from the PS4's Application Saved Data Management menu in the settings. This update will offer up some new options and cool features so let's jump right in.

A firmware update to Sony's Playstation 4 Pro may give some older games more pep. Microsoft's Xbox One console already supports external storage, but until now PS4 users have had to replace the internal hard drive to expand their consoles' storage capabilities.

Thinking about sinking $399 into a PlayStation 4 Pro because you're anxious the standard PS4's 500GB of storage won't cut it?

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It's meant to improve performance for all games, even if they haven't been patched to support it.

Unfortunately, there's no release date on the update, however, it does officially enter beta today.

A couple of other things arriving on the PS4 with this new update will be a quick menu refresh and a simplified notification list. Players that signed up for Sony's beta will be able to try out the update starting next week. Last but not least, 3D Blu-rays will be playable on PlayStation VR as well.

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