Final Fantasy XV: Upcoming Power Rangers-like costumes are being redesigned

Posted February 08, 2017

Before the game's release, Tabata noted that the game needed to sell ten million copies to be considered a "success", though that was later noted to be more of a personal goal, instead of the number that needed to be reached to break even.

Dissidia is an altogether different game compared to more traditional Final Fantasy titles because it is focused more on battling other characters in a free for all rumble. This is also why its creator, Takeo Kujiraoka thinks that it can be a great e-sports game. And there won't be any delay in updates as a result the console version. The updates will finally allow PS4 Pro to have the game running at 60 frames per second. "If that happens, then next will be a global tournament, right?"

Square Enix has announced it is delaying Final Fantasy XV's recently revealed Power Rangers-style costumes.

That's away from the Final Fantasy 15 DLC being released on the same day, which also makes Gladiolus a playable character and will also star Gilgamesh, one of the franchise's fan-favorite characters.

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Square Enix also saw an increase in unit sales in every key territory such as Europe and the USA, selling 20.8 million units between April and December last year, an increase from 10.56 million the year prior. So might we be able to expect a surprise release, or something we don't know about just yet?

Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider publisher Square Enix today reported earnings for the nine-month period ended December 31, 2016, with revenue and profit both rising for the period. This is part of the reason why it was launched as an arcade game in Japan previous year, Kotaku reports.

The PSP version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, however, features one-on-one matches.