Russian media reins in Trump love as Putin bromance cools

Posted February 21, 2017

John Oliver focused this week's episode of Last Week Tonight on Vladimir Putin, looking at the atrocities Putin has been accused of but also explaining to Americans that Putin is well-liked in Russian Federation.

Accordingly, Russian media has reined its pro-Trump position in, with its best-read tabloid, Komsomolskaya Pravda, declaring late last week that "you need to be drunk to understand the true position of America's president".

"It's a bit weird that you've been objectively nicer to Vladimir Putin than you have to Meryl Streep", Oliver said of Trump.

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While reports on foreign leaders isn't unusual to prepare ahead of briefings, especially when a transfer of power takes place, NBC News says ones of this depth are uncommon.

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"But in Russian Federation, he's not a comic book villain, he's a comic book hero".

The end of the show features aperformance of a tune called "A Man Like Putin" by a fictional Europop girl group, which is based on an actually-existing song dedicated to the politician. "America and Russian Federation are not the f--ing same".

In short, he's the kind who blackmails enemies with fake sex tapes, lies about finding archaeological treasures, and convinces his people that democracy is a lie because the USA election is rigged - then tries to prove it by rigging it himself.

After showing how Putin manages to manipulate the masses, Oliver then touched on the many Putin critics - like Russian journalists and former KGB agents - who have been murdered.

Oliver concludes the episode, noting "Putin may or may not have stolen billions of dollars, and may or may not have been involved in the intimidation or assassination of his opponents". As Russia's state media churned out stories about the USA election being rigged, the narrative gained credence because Putin "had a major American candidate saying the exact same thing", Oliver said. "The whole problem is the people on each side who want a one-state solution generally can not agree on what state it should be", said Oliver. Oliver goes on to argue, "He's annexed Crimea, imposed severe fines and prison terms on protestors, propped up the brutal Assad regime, and signed a harsh anti-gay propaganda law". We've got a lot of killers.