Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announces Skype Lite for India, know its features!

Posted February 24, 2017

As we mentioned, Skype Lite is the lighter variant of the original Skype app and is built to address the low-bandwidth and poor connectivity issues that consumers in India face during messaging and calling.

Microsoft claims that Skype Lite uses less data to send and receive messages, in addition to consuming less data when making voice or video calls.

Skype Lite is built from the ground up at company's Hyderabad center and comes powered by Microsoft cloud services. The new Skype Lite app, which is just 13MB, can verify Aadhaar data on the go in the form of OTPs generated more like ordering food or using Paytm. The other person will be prompted to enter their 12-digit unique Aadhaar number and a one time password they received on their phone. This new version allows more people to use Skype, use less data, use less power, and take on other network challenges.

Skype Lite is now available to download from the Play Store.

In realising the digital transformation of the country, the internet giant launched an app called Skype Lite, which consumes much less data than the Skype app.

"It is the first project on Cloud that will bring Microsoft and LinkedIn together to help unemployed masses in India", Nadella said. It's a more customized app that is enough to be supported by the current infrastructure and networks in the country.

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One of the highlight features of Skype Lite is the Bot integration. This makes sense because the full app may be too heavy for India.

Moreover, Microsoft will soon bring Aadhar integration to the app by June 2017, which will allow app users to authenticate the identity of unknown callers in situations where identification is required, for instance; job interviews, documents scanning, goods and property sale, etc. Nadella said that the app will have all the functionality of the full-sized Skype app, alongside specially developed features for India.

Microsoft offered a small demo of how the app works. "What we were seeing is that people were aware of Skype, they were our users, but they were dropping off", said Nadella.

The Skype Lite app is complete localised and also supports seven regional languages including Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Chief Minister Naidu said that over 62,000 police officers in Andhra Pradesh were connected via Kaizala, which was being used to generate real-time on the ground data, and he added that it worked well on basic Android handsets, even on 2G connections.