Apple will ditch iPhone's Lightning connector for USB-C

Posted March 01, 2017

Apple is moving forward with the long-rumored curved iPhone display, a new report says. While the display will allow for a new curved edge on the device, the iPhone itself won't be bendable or foldable because of rigid internal components. None of the features are new to the users who have used brands other than Apple. He also believes the iPhone 8 upgrade cycle will be extended because of the limited supply of new OLED displays. Yeah, Lightning, it's the same port that ate the 150-year-old dino audio jack on the iPhone 7. But a disadvantage of the upcoming iPhones having a USB-C port is that some of the Lightning cables and auto chargers that Apple users already own could end up becoming useless.

An Apple spokeswoman declined Fortune's request for comment on the Journal report. Apple has sold hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads since introducing Lightning, and accessory makers have created a vast galaxy of Lightning-compatible devices to be used with those iPhones and iPads. The MacBook, the MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Pro with TouchBar all only have USB-C ports.

Apple doesn't publish how much power the Lightning connector is theoretically capable of supporting, but it's likely not much more than the microUSB connector, or other parts of the USB standard. I agree that there will, but Apple has weathered such protests many times: from abandoning the floppy drive in the iMac to dropping the headphone socket in the iPhone 7. This could enable Apple to better compete with rival Samsung, which has been releasing smartphones with rounded screens since 2014.

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But the move would also cause headaches for Apple's enormous user base. In some cases, these accessories have been around for just a couple of years-even by Apple's standards, that would be an aggressive replacement cycle.

The iPhone 8 will look decidedly different from previous generation iPhone handsets. That means we should get one premium model of the iPhone 8 with a sexy new display and a few other fun features to boot. It also might herald Apple adding USB-C to the iPad, and thus taking the device more in the direction of being a more fully-featured tablet computer to compete with the likes of Microsoft's Surface line.