Facebook Launches 'Video' App for Fourth-Generation Apple TV

Posted March 03, 2017

It's largely an expansion of a previous feature released in October that let users stream video via AirPlay or similar systems. Touted as a new way to consume videos on a larger-screen format, the Apple TV and Smart TV app allows Facebook users to watch videos shared by their friends and Pages that they follow, or view content that they've saved to a "watch later" playlist. There is now no word on compatibility but your fourth-gen Apple TV should be able to run with it just fine.

The app can be accessed and downloaded using the Samsung Smart Hub and a one-off Facebook login.

Once you're logged in, you're presented with a horizontal carousel of videos that automatically play in sequence, though you can navigate to the next one using the arrow keys on the remote control.

Swipe down from the top while watching in fullscreen, and you can select the Info and Settings menus. The first things to appear are the videos which have been shared by people in your friend's list. The Settings tab is where you can enable captions, comments, and reactions-all of which are turned off by default.

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In the description for the app, Facebook explains that its new Video app offers a wide-array of content, including videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, live videos from around the world, and various content recommended based on viewing history. From here you can go from the Home tab to the Profile tab. There's also a Settings option in the main menu, but it only has options such as sending feedback and logging out.

But if you don't keep in mind to save videos, the "Recently Watched" section is a good way to revisit everything you've viewed recently on Facebook. For that reason it lacks a search function, which isn't terribly surprising since Facebook has always been awful at search. It also will display recommended videos based on your interests, as well as top live videos that are trending on Facebook at any given time.

You can find out more details about the Facebook Apple TV over at Apple's iTunes App store at the link below.