FCC Officially Blocks Part Of ISP Privacy Rule From Taking Effect

Posted March 03, 2017

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, the sole Democrat on the commission, blasted the vote on Wednesday, issuing a dissent. The FCC and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will work together to achieve a tech-neutral privacy framework for the online world. "A consistent and uniform framework that covers the entire Internet ecosystem, and is enforced by one government entity, is the most effective way to protect the privacy rights of consumers".

The data security regulations were the first of the new broadband privacy rules passed by the FCC under former chairman Tom Wheeler.

Department officials had offered protective measures and other support in a conversation with directors of the Jewish Community Center Association of North America, Kelly said in a statement. Clyburn said that staying the internet privacy rules opens the door to further reductions in consumer protections.

The Federal Trade Commission has the authority to enforce consumer privacy rules followed by Web sites, apps and other Net destinations.

The Federal Communications Commission is looking into how it can help law enforcement track down people using anonymous phone numbers to make bomb threats against Jewish community enters (JCCs) and schools nationwide, an agency spokesman said March 1. Pai's proposal to halt the operation of the data protection provisions "comes despite the mounting number of data breaches impacting consumers throughout this country", the lawmakers added.

"We still believe that jurisdiction over broadband providers' privacy and data security practices should be returned to the FTC, the nation's expert agency with respect to these important subjects".

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While the FCC has the authority to regulate broadband providers, Pai argued that the FTC has more expertise in policing privacy violations, and is better suited to shape privacy rules that apply to broadband companies, as well as to every other online business.

Clyburn notes that while the recent Order alleges significant harm to service providers, there is no proof cited. She called the move a "proxy" for gutting the FCC's full set of privacy regulation.

"These threats have instilled fear and disrupted lives throughout the United States, and Chairman Pai condemns such anti-Semitic acts in the strongest possible terms", the statement said. "If a provider simply decides not to adequately protect a customer's information and does not notify them when a breach inevitably occurs, there will be no recompense as a matter of course".

Clyburn also cited a court decision past year that hamstrung the FTC's ability to enforce privacy protections, and she argued that there is now no agency to ensure consumers' data is secure.

Pai says "the initial stage of the pilot project was a success" and that the FCC "received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the public".