Spotify Is Readying a Hi-Fi Music Streaming Tier

Posted March 03, 2017

According to The Verge, select Spotify users have been receiving invitations to subscribe to the new service called "Spotify Hi-Fi" for a fee which will vary between $5 to $10 a month.

A small number of Spotify subscribers have allegedly received prompts encouraging them to upgrade to the new tier, which will reportedly range from an additional $5 to $10 per month. First, it gives Spotify a product that directly competes with TIDAL HiFi, a lossless FLAC-based service TIDAL has offered since its inception. Some screenshots of the offer also mention discounts on limited-edition vinyl records and even a free record for signing up. But with Android devices' USB-C connections and Apple's Lightning headphones capable of offering improved audio playback, it may only be a matter of weeks before we see a new version of the Spotify app. As more people have come on board, Spotify and Apple Music are emerging as the early leaders.

For the uninitiated, Hi-Fi music or lossless audio are audio files that don't lose any data in compression, resulting in higher-quality playback.

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Reports say that Spotify have already begun offering the service to some users as of this week.

Spotify now offers 320kbps audio files, which offers decent sound in a file size that's small and loads quickly, which is ideal for users on the go. Spotify is above them all thanks to its massive music library and worldwide availability but lacks the main feature that makes audiophiles turn their head the other way - the lossless quality of sound.

Spotify is openly testing a lossless streaming option.