Police identify body as Kim Jong-Nam's

Posted March 11, 2017

Malaysian police have refused to release Kim Jong Nam's to North Korea body until they receive a DNA sample, and tensions have caused a diplomatic row.

It is unknown when and where the video was recorded, but a South Korean government source told Kyodo News on Wednesday that the man in the video is indeed Kim Han Sol. "I'm now with my mother and my sister", the man can be heard saying in English after identifying himself as Kim Han-sol. In Tuesday's video, the man believed to be Han Sol ends his message saying: "We hope this gets better soon".

"My name is Kim Han-sol, from North Korea, part of the Kim family", said 21-year-old son of the slain Kim Jong-nam - half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

A spokesman for South Korea's Unification Ministry said they had not identified the man yet but that it was "clear to everyone that the person closely resembles Kim Han-sol".

The video was also posted on the group's website where it said it was protecting the Kim Jong Nam family.

Kim Han Sol is the son of Kim Jong Nam's second wife, who had been living in the Chinese territory of Macau with Kim under Beijing's protection after the family went into exile several years ago.

The group claims to have "extracted" vulnerable members of Kim's family with the help of Dutch, U.S. and South Korean authorities, and was keeping them under protection in an undisclosed location.

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He then holds up what looks like a North Korean diplomatic passport to the camera, but the details are blacked out.

But Malaysia will not allow North Koreans to leave the country and "will not relent from our firm approach", Najib added.

Asked if Kim's relatives had been notified about the positive identification, the police chief replied: "Yes, we have already informed the relatives, so it seems no one is taking (the body)".

North Korea has since demanded the release of Jong-nam's body.

Both countries are now engaged in a diplomatic row as Malaysia banned North Korean citizens from leaving after Pyongyang temporarily banned Malaysians from leaving the country.

Remember that since the explosion of events following the death of Kim Jong-nam at the KLIA2 airport in Malaysia, a downward spiral has set in between the two nations that were once very friendly.

North Korea has never confirmed the identity of the dead man, but has denounced the Malaysian investigation as an attempt to smear the secretive regime, insisting that he most likely died of a heart attack.