Amid Tragic Chain of Events, a Heroic Rescue Takes Place

Posted March 18, 2017

But Madison County, Illinois, Coroner Steve Nonn says in a news release that the two investigations are related.

The paramedic who saved the life of a 3-month-old infant who almost drowned in a Metro East lake is being hailed a hero. The baby is expected to be released from a St. Louis hospital on Friday. Highland EMS made it to the lake first and paramedic Todd Zobrist rushed into the cold water and searched the vehicle.

"Fortunately there is something good that can come of this", Lakin said of the child's survival. An adult died in the fire but six children, siblings ranging from very young to teenagers, escaped.

The Edwardsville Little Tigers football team and the Edwardsville Wrestling Club are collecting donations of clothes, shoes, toys and money for the children.

Volunteers are also considering starting a college fund for the children.

The chain of events began around 5:30 a.m. Thursday when fire broke out at a home owned by Cristy Lynn Campbell in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Fifteen minutes after the fire started, a driver passing near Silver Lake in Highland, 16 miles away, saw a vehicle heading down a hill toward the water.

Police found a gun in an SUV in the lake.

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A body was pulled from the lake around 11:15 a.m. Lakin said police are no longer searching for 32-year-old Cristy Campbell.

Authorities were notified about 5:15 a.m. that a house in Glen Carbon was burning. Several minutes later, the SUV backs out of the driveway. The smallest child is carrying a blanket. Cristy Campbell was awarded custody of the children. Her profile photo shows her swimming with a dolphin.

A neighbor told the Post-Dispatch that she believed that Justin Campbell was living at the house.

She said she saw Cristy Campbell and held the baby three days ago. Officials say she drove away in an SUV with her three-month-old son.

Court records indicate Campbell and her husband had a troubled relationship, filing for divorce twice. Justin Campbell was charged with domestic abuse in 2005, when his then-girlfriend was pregnant with the couple's third child.

In April 2012, Cristy Campbell obtained an emergency protection order against her husband and filed for divorce. Two years later, she requested that Justin Campbell have supervised visitation after two of the children accused their father of pinching, hitting and choking them.

Authorities said at the news conference that they had answered about 50 calls at the house since 2010, including hangup 911 calls, barking dog calls and some domestic calls. She was allowed to take parenting classes in exchange for the charges being dropped.