Viral homemade slime recipe gives 11-year-old girl 3rd-degree burns

Posted March 30, 2017

Do-it-yourself slime, a craze that has become a popular project for kids at home and in the classroom, could also be a recipe for danger.

Kathleen's hands were covered in blisters, her mother says.

WCVB reports that Kathleen was at a sleepover when she woke up in the middle of the night and felt like her hands were burning.

Quinn said: "This didn't happen because she submerged her hands in borax".

As CBS2's Valerie Castro reported, Siobhan Quinn is warning everyone to watch out after what happened to her 11-year-old daughter, Kathleen.

An 11-year-old MA girl is recovering from second and third degree burns from a popular do-it-yourself slime project, according to a report from CNN and WCVB.

She told her parents, who noticed her skin was starting to turn bright red and starting to bubble.

Quinn took her daughter to South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, where doctors said the injuries were likely the result of prolonged exposure to borax.

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"I just feel like a awful mother for letting her have access to this, " Siobhan Quinn told Sheinelle Jones on TODAY Wednesday.

Kathleen had been making slime every day for the past few months.

It's composed of water, glue, and a household cleaner, known as Borax.

Consumer Reports' chief scientific officer, James Dickerson, has warned about the dangers of using Borax, which is meant to be a household cleaner or an additive for laundry, but many parents still use it.

"I feel like the worst mother", she said.

When she came home, her dad put ointment on her hands and placed them in white gloves to relieve the pain.

Making homemade slime has become popular over the past year after increased visibility on social media. The only caution on a box of borax is typically to avoid contact with eyes.

"We decided to make this recipe because slime is such a huge trend right now, " Buzzfeed senior producer Erin Phraner said on TODAY.