Alex Rodriguez Confirms He's Dating Jennifer Lopez: 'She's An Amazing Girl'

Posted April 02, 2017

And now, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have reached a new milestone in their month-long relationship: public hand holding.

Usually, celebrities in high-profile relationships are reluctant to talk about people they are dating, and Rodriguez tried to follow that rule, but he just could not contain himself. Naturally, we had two questions: 1) Is this true, and 2) does this mean we're officially allowed to make "J-Rod" a thing?

"They were both so happy", one spy told The Post of the amorous A-listers. During the meal, they were very affectionate. But she deleted it very quickly. We're told they're exclusive right now and that he's happy and knows he's with a attractive woman.

Asked during an appearance on The View whether he's dating the Shades of Blue actress, Rodriguez didn't really beat around the bush or deny the influx of recent reports.

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"It's obvious. We've been having a great time", he said of his hot new romance with the 47-year-old pop superstar. We love picturing what play dates and holidays would look like with their adorable combined families. "We're having a great time", he continued.

Alex Rodriguez has confirmed his relationship with Jennifer Lopez by gushing about her on TV. They were recently spotted working out twice in one weekend while in Los Angeles.

Rodriguez always came across like a pretty big tool during his baseball career, spouting cliches, displaying little personality, often lying and cheating and breaking drug rules. "Well for one, she was a track star in high school and junior high, so she's an incredible athlete".