Reasons Why cast reveal what it's like to work with Selena Gomez

Posted April 02, 2017

Gomez says she waited years to produce "13 Reasons Why", sitting on the story until the ideal actors walked through the door.

The series kicks off a few days after Hannah's suicide, when the package of tapes arrives at the doorstep of Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), who had a crush on Hannah, whom he used to work with at the local movie theater.

13 Reasons Why is now streaming on Netflix. And that is what 13 Reasons Why does. But for all the teen angst and buzzy butterfly stomachs, 13 Reasons Why is an incredibly mature and a devastating look at the ripple effects of loss.

13 Reasons Why is a hard hitting, yet thought-provoking series which follows a group of teens whose friend Hannah committed suicide recently.

Clay, though mostly just sitting and listening, is quite active internally - trying to process the information and riding the waves of emotions these revelations bring.

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But when tackling issues as complex as mental health and suicide, television must be careful to walk the line between reality and creative license - or so many critics are saying, who argue that shows such as "13 Reasons Why" can be beneficial as well as harmful, depending on their approach.

"That's why I wanted to make sure I was still a part of this project in any way", says Gomez, who has appeared in films such as Monte Carlo (2011) and The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016), and at one point considered playing Hannah herself in a film adaptation. And those tapes? They're labeled and numbered in blue nail polish-the same bold color Hannah was wearing on the last day of her life. And I feel like it's even more magnified and exacerbated for kids. "We started in summer, but then the school year started, so they built the entire hallway you see in the school", Minnette added. A Sundance-friendly gallery of directors including Tom McCarthy, Gregg Araki and Carl Franklin keeps the performances grounded and the extremes from feeling exploitative, and holds together a story that jumps around in time, withholds key pieces of information from viewers and weaves in mentally distressed fantasy sequences.

The structure of the writing itself breaks the book down by cassette sides rather than chapters so that each section examines one "reason" and Clay's reaction to it.

The latest beauty trend celebs have been rocking lately is bright eyeshadow & Selena Gomez has officially joined in with her bold orange look! "There's courage in being a nerd", she tells shy Clay on their first meeting. But even its flaws help to mimic the show's ultimate goal: to paint a gorgeous, and bad tapestry of what it means to live on this planet - and what it means for those that stay behind when we leave it.