Kansas Senate committee advances flat tax bill

Posted April 05, 2017

Critics said middle-class families would be hit the hardest.

"What we got was a watered down version which eliminates the availability of the actual herb", Manypenny said.

The House committee also reduced the annual patient application fee from $200 in the Senate version to $50 and allowed advanced practice registered nurses to certify that patients are likely to receive benefits from medical marijuana.

It would have established a state commission to issue identification cards to patients and caregivers and consider the drug's use for chronic or debilitating diseases or conditions.

The House Human Services Committee gave the bill a "do pass" recommendation in a 13-1 vote Monday.

The bill will now be sent to a combined committee of House and Senate members to resolve disagreements on the bill before being sent to the governor. As written, it puts the Bureau of Public Health in charge of medical marijuana oversight and does not permit plants to be grown for personal use.

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Shott's and Pushkin's amendments would require certifications and permits for physicians, growers, and dispensaries. There would be fees to enter the market.

To have a growing operation, interested parties would have to pay a $10,000 application fee and a $100,000 permit fee.

The voter-approved version allowed far more freedom for citizens to grow and smoke the plant.

"It's a matter of educating people", he said.

Giving snowbirds access if they qualify in Florida and have access to cannabis in their home states.