Tidal Owner Jay-Z Pulls Every Album from Spotify, Apple Music

Posted April 09, 2017

Of course Hov's music has been slowly disappearing from the streaming services, with Reasonable Doubt going missing after the launch of Tidal and the Blueprint series leaving past year.

While this kind of thing is rare, that seems to be the case with Jay Z, as the artist has now pulled a majority of his albums from Apple Music and also Spotify. In response to the tweet Spotify said: "We can confirm that some of Jay Z's catalogue has been removed at the request of the artist /LP".

Most of the original albums have been removed, however, content where he is a featured artist or collaborator, and maybe not the only owner of the content, is still available for streaming. The self-proclaimed more artist-friendly service trails leaders Spotify (50 million subscribers as of last count), Apple Music (20 million at last official count) and Amazon (never says, but when bundled with Amazon Prime could be well over 10 million). The company has had to adapt its digital offerings over the past few years by releasing its own music streaming service to compete with the likes of Spotify, Pandora, and others. He also pulled his Blueprint trilogy from non-Tidal services previous year.

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The two leading streaming services no longer have any of Jay Z's solo work, with only features and his projects with R. Kelly and Linkin Park remaining on the services.

Though it has not managed to substantially dent the subscription numbers of frontrunners in the streaming music industry, Carter has still turned Tidal into a very solid investment.