April the Giraffe's 'baby is kicking'

Posted April 10, 2017

So here's the thing about April the Giraffe and her ever-changing due date.

"We have been told by other parks that mothers will sometimes feast just before the birth", the park said.

April's keepers said the baby is kicking.

As of early Thursday morning, the world was still waiting. Tonight I chose to have a little pep talk with April to see if we could try to nail down a day, week, month or any sort of time frame...

"She is still showing all the signs that she is nearly ready", said Dr. Tim.

About a week ago, keepers reported that they'd be surprised to get through the weekend without a birth.

Animal Adventure Park has pledged to donate some of the money it raises from the April the Giraffe sponsorship, along with related merchandise it sells, to further giraffe conservation efforts around the world.

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Basically, April hasn't delivered yet because the baby just isn't ready yet.

As viewers spend hours on their screens, looking into April's enclosure, some are wondering whether the giraffe is even pregnant. As for how much longer Toys "R" Us' Geoffrey the Giraffe will be hanging out with April, that remains to be determined.

Welp, April the giraffe still hasn't given birth and, frankly, we're over it. Reportedly, Animal Adventure Park can not retain the offspring in their facility as it may result in the incestuous mating that may affect the genetics of the giraffe and the program overall.

The calf with stay with April for 6-10 months then be re-homed.

The little giraffe won't be all that little.

Her calf - which will weigh about 150 pounds and measure about 6 feet tall - will come out front hoofs first and begin walking 30 minutes to an hour later, according to Animal Planet. After YouTube took down the live stream following protests from animal activists claiming that the live stream is a violation of YouTube's nudity and sexual content policy, the video on April's pregnancy has eventually been up and running again.

Even though April the Giraffe fans are starting to wonder if she'll ever give birth, we've been rest assured that she's not in distress and she's not even late in giving birth.