President Trump lauds 'outstanding' relationship with Chinese leader Xi Jinping

Posted April 12, 2017

Top Trump advisors, including Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, were also in attendance. "The objective is for us to increase our exports to them". They have taken so much money out of our country. "That's the first time I'd heard them say that". Trump is trying to tie Chinese behavior toward North Korea with trade incentives. Not only did it break with Chinese protocol, but it upstaged Xi, who had hoped to use the meeting to be seen by the world as Trump's equal.

The two men had a working lunch before Xi's motorcade left the resort, ending the summit.

The summit will also be watched closely as to whether the U.S. stands up to China for bullying South Korea for hosting the U.S. THAAD missile defense system created to defend better against ever-growing missile threats from North Korea.

Wang Dong, associate professor of global studies at China's elite Peking University, said the move may have had the added bonus in Trump's eyes of sending North Korea a message over its nuclear program, but that China was unlikely to be fazed.

US President Donald Trump told South Korea on Saturday he had explained to China's President Xi Jinping America's position on the deployment of an anti-missile defense system to South Korea, according to a statement from South Korea's acting leader.

But the meeting appeared to be diplomatic, with both leaders agreeing to a new format for US-China talks. The former reality TV star has spent years bashing China and described the country as an enemy of the United States in his campaign manifesto.

North Korea was emboldened during the Obama years for the same reason that Iran, Syria and a number of other rogue regimes were emboldened. They remarked generally about "progress" in their relationship and optimism about the future.

PRESIDENT Donald Trump (pic) said he forged a friendship with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, striking a positive tone in the early hours of the first-ever meeting between leaders of the world's two biggest economies. Its U.N. ambassador, Liu Jieyi, never mentioned the suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, or the US airstrikes, at an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Friday.

The two leaders were later photographed strolling the grounds of Trump's waterfront resort.

Trump Wants Options to End North Korea Nuclear Threat, Security Aide Says
Tillerson said President Trump's trip to China would be a "state visit" in 2017, but gave no other details. Donald Trump seemed to have broken the ice with China with the help of his grandchildren.

Trump accepted Xi's invitation to China later this year, state news agency Xinhua news agency cited officials as saying on Friday.

Another matter that didn't come up was the bankruptcy of Westinghouse Electric Co.'s nuclear reactor business.

Mr Trump is hosting the Chinese president for a two-day visit at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

"All of us are feeling very good about the results of this summit". The only other foreign leader to be hosted at Mar-a-Lago during Trump's presidency so far is Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a close US ally.

During an interview with the Financial Times published Sunday, Trump warned that if China was unwilling to collaborate on North Korea, the United States would be willing to go it alone.

"We would be happy to work with them", Tillerson said of the Chinese leadership. "That's one of the things we are going to be talking about".

So, how will Trump handle Xi? The surprise strike marks a reversal for Trump, who had warned during the presidential campaign against the U.S. getting pulled into the Syrian civil war, now in its seventh year. "The president underscored the need for China to take concrete steps to level the playing field for American workers, stressing repeatedly the need for reciprocal market access".

The most powerful message for the Chinese leader may have been Trump's decision to launch missile strikes at Syria, adding weight to Trump's threat to act unilaterally against North Korea's weapons program.