British Columbia New Democrats promise balanced budget, higher corporate tax

Posted April 17, 2017

John Horgan says he would introduce an annual $400 renter's rebate if the NDP wins the election on May 9.

In announcing the changes, BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark said they were created to make the Vancouver region more attractive to tech-sector professionals.

"The NDP are proposing, as I understand it, that someone who has a penthouse in downtown Vancouver that rents for thousands of dollars a month would get a $400 rental subsidy?"

The influence of foreign money has always been a concern in the debate about how to rein in housing prices in Vancouver, where prices jumped by more than 40 per cent in a single year and where detached homes fetch well over $1-million.

"The challenge with the Pattullo Bridge is we need to make decisions probably by the end of this year regarding the replacement, and the previous plan included half the funding of that new bridge to be covered by tolls", he said.

- Horgan says he's already having meetings about how to distribute legal marijuana, including talks with liquor outlets, craft brewers, pharmacies and dispensaries.

World's oldest person, Emma Morano, dies at 117
They had a son in 1937, but the baby died after just six months and the following year Morano kicked out her abusive husband. Violet Brown , 117, of Jamaica, is now the oldest living person in the world, according to the Gerontology Research Group .

Roy is also behind a new strategy outlined by the BC Rental Housing Coalition, which calls for a significant increase in rental and affordable housing development, adding he'd like to see the New Democrats and other parties support it.

He said an NDP government would also provide more resources for renters to file complaints through the Residential Tenancy Act and address "renovictions", forbidding landlords from using renovations as an excuse to evict tenants and sidestep restrictions around rent hikes.

"The BC NDP's fiscal plan is responsible, feasible, and prudent", said Dr. Rob Gillezeau, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria.

The economists recommended a 1.5-per-cent property surcharge that would target owners of vacant properties or "those with limited participation in the Canadian economy", with proceeds going to a housing affordability fund. "I'm not going to take any advice from her on the future", Horgan said. The first budget would have $717 million in new spending.

Clark said focusing on the tech sector was not diverting her efforts to grow the liquefied natural gas industry, which was her focus in the 2013 election campaign.