IPad 4th Generation vs. iPad Air 2 - Are the Rumors True?

Posted April 20, 2017

FirmBee / PixabayWhy is Apple giving away the iPad Air 2?

The company is implementing this new policy that will let Apple Stores and authorized service providers ship the iPad Air 2 as a unit replacement when the 4th gen iPad isn't available. It is up to the fix center managers to decide if an in the stock Apple iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Air 2 will be used as a replacement for the servicing. Given that the memo says from the 30th of March, it means that this should have already come into effect and there should be customers who are the receiving end of this new exchange.

If you happen to own an iPad 4 and it's damaged, taking it to an Apple Store for servicing might land you an iPad Air 2 as a replacement. Since most Apple Stores do not perform iPad repairs, a replacement is the next alternative.

Thoughts about the free upgrade?

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The 4th generation iPad has already been in circulation for nearly five years, as the device was released in November 2012. The brand new iPad Pro 2 is also likely to feature a Touch bar and a bezel-free design.

However, in the case of the iPads, 9To5Mac pointed out that Apple retail stores and service centers do not normally fix them so unit replacements are frequently in order. The iPad Air 2, for the uninitiated, introduced a new gold colorway, and most recently had available configurations of 32 GB and 128 GB. Pray that your local store has run out of the 4th generation iPad for you will get a better iPad Air 2 for your needs. With the latest launch, the company aims to rebrand the iPad Air line, which will now be simply called the iPad.

One of the vital point, to be remembered is that taking a five-year-old damaged Apple iPad 4 to the fix center does not guarantee the users of the new shiny model. If so, that could be a nice storage bump for those bringing an iPad in for fix. The iPad Air 2 was sold from October 2014 until last month, when it was replaced by a new £340 iPad.