Obama to charge $400000 for banking gig

Posted April 26, 2017

However it now appears that Mr Obama has mended his fractious relationship with Wall Street, and will appear at the Cantor Fitzgerald conference later this year. His speaking fee will be almost double what twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton charges for her Wall Street speeches.

Sources say there's a lot of flexibility in Barack Obama's contract to speak at the fall event, such as schedule conflicts or if there are any other concerns like "adverse publicity".

CNN estimated that the Clintons earned over $153 million in speech fees from 2001 through 2015, including talks at business forums in China and corporate events hosted by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Swedish telecom giant Ericsson.Hilary Clinton told ABC's Diane Sawyer her family was "dead broke" upon leaving the White House.

She was vigorously reprimanded amid a year ago's presidential battle for her Wall Street addresses, with activists on both sides of the political range requesting she discharge the transcripts.

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Challenged about the prospect on ITV 1's Peston On Sunday , Mr Farron replied: "No supply and confidence, no coalition, no deal". Quoting the Observer article, Peston said: "They say you didn't answer when they asked you whether gay sex was a sin".

During his administration, Obama blamed Wall Street bankers for the 2008 financial crisis, publicly called for their accountability, and in 2009 referred to them as "fat cats".

Obama's actions towards Wall Street were less aggressive than his rhetoric.

Obama will speak at Cantor's health care conference this September for a fee of $400,000 and has agreed to be the keynote speaker at a luncheon held on one day of the event.

"Is there an irony here because he spoke incessantly about the income gap and is now earning from those same people he criticized?" They were paid a $60 million advance to write about their experience in the White House and to spill on various details they never revealed to the media.