Iran Border Guards Killed By Sunni Militants On Pakistan Border

Posted April 30, 2017

In the recent terrorist crime against Iranian border guards serving on the country's southeastern frontier, 10 soldiers were martyred in Mirjaveh on Wednesday.

The border crossing was also the leading transit hub in terms of exports, accounting for 21% of all the goods exported by land, followed by Milak in Sistan-Baluchestan Province with 21% and Dogharoun in Khorasan Razavi Province with 9%.

His anguish and anger over the killing of border guards was reflected in the statement, Iran "is very disheartened that it is repeatedly transgressed upon from Pakistani soil by armed bandits and terrorist hirelings".

The militant group called Jaish al Adl, or the Army of Justice, has claimed responsibility for the attack in Sistan-Baluchestan province, reports said.

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Jaish al Adl has carried out several attacks before against Iranian security forces with the aim of destabilizing southeastern Iran.

The militant group claims that is has took up weapon to defend what it describes as the rights of Sunni minorities.

While Tehran says it honors its commitments to provide Islamabad with secure borders, it laments that the Pakistan side is falling short of its reciprocal commitments. Such countries, he said, were trying to replace development, prosperity, and esteem in regional countries with underdevelopment, insecurity and poverty.

"Such desperate measures will never dent the religiously-devoted and revolutionary Iranian nation's spirit of gallantry and do not make way for ill-wishers' inroad [into the country]", he added.