Being US president 'big burden on the family'

Posted May 01, 2017

Starting this Friday, all children receiving treatment at the Children's National, the only exclusive provider of pediatric care in the Washington, D.C., will be able to enjoy a 7,200-square-foot rooftop garden, called the National Bunny Mellon Healing Garden.

Melania said, "It has always been my belief that the nurturing and positive environment is vital to the health and well-being of all children". "Paying little attention to that doubt, he bubbled with enthusiasm, with fascinating details of how he wanted a garden to appeal to the most discriminating taste, yet a garden that would hold a thousand people for a ceremony".

A young boy who presented a painting got a huge hug, she happily exchanged markers for a coloring session, and she knelt down in front of a young patient battling leukemia, murmuring words of encouragement.

To many she is the de facto first lady, taking on duties traditionally carried out by a wife - from dialing up the International Space Station, to accompanying the Canadian prime minister to Broadway or attending the G20 in Berlin, provoking groans for defending her father.

"She gave an answer, and she's cool", he said about his daughter.

"She's been terribly abused by the press, really unfairly", he said. Yet slowly, Melania has been inching into the public eye.

The learning curve has been steep.

France refuses to extradite Kosovo ex-PM to face war crimes charges
In 2005 and 2007, Haradinaj was tried and acquitted of war crimes at a United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague. Thousands of ethnic Albanians protested in Pristina and other cities in the region against Haradinaj's arrest.

The First Lady also normally has travelled to Mar-a-Lago when the President has made a decision to spend the weekend at his estate in Florida. Her hiring pace lagging behind other first ladies during this time, perhaps because she is not yet living in the white house.

Several weeks later, when Queen Raina of Jordan visited, Melania was there to greet her.

During the campaign, Mrs. Trump promised to combat cyberbullying as first lady. Most recently, she has focused on women's empowerment and access to education.

As she continues to define her causes, she is also expected to build her east wing staff.

The garden is named for Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, a friend of first lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Melania was pictured walking through the White House grounds with her husband and their Argentinian counterparts.