Beautiful Allies: Turkey Bombs US Backed Coalition Forces in Syria

Posted May 03, 2017

Ankara considers the PYD to be affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is listed as a terror group in Turkey, the United States and the European Union.

In a written statement, the Turkish armed forces said it had "neutralized" 70 PKK "terrorist" fighters - 40 in northern Iraq and 30 others in northeastern Syria.

The Turkish airstrikes on Tuesday killed 20 members of the People's Protection Units, or YPG, in Syria, and five peshmerga fighters in Iraq.

The YPG meanwhile asked the USA -led coalition battling IS to provide air cover over northern Syria, to protect them from Turkish and Syrian government air raids.

Dorrian said the USA had troops in Syria, within six miles of the Turkish air strikes, and "we let the Turks know that the amount of time that was being provided for the strikes was inadequate for us assure safety of our forces on the ground". "This was notification and not coordination, as you would expect from a partner and an ally".

"We call on all forces to remain focused on the fight to defeat ISIS, which is the greatest threat to regional and worldwide peace, security", said Air Force Col John L. Dorrian, Spokesman for the US-led coalition against ISIS.

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"These are forces that have been integral in fighting ISIS".

Turkish leader Recep Erdogan makes a awful ally, flooding Europe with migrants and spewing invective at the West at the same time as he helps them destroy the middle east. "That's not enough time" to alert US troops on the ground, particularly when they have only a vague idea of where the strikes will occur, Dorrian said. We believe that every force that's fighting terrorism in Iraq should be doing so in coordination and with the agreement and cooperation of the government of Iraq.

Dorrian spoke hours after the Turkish embassy in Washington issued a statement from the country's Foreign Ministry detailing what it said were the steps Turkey took to make the United States and other countries active in Syria aware of its plans, saying the United States and Russian Federation were "duly informed through both military and diplomatic channels".

Reuters reported that a USA military officer accompanied YPG commanders on a tour of the targeted sites later on April 25, a visit that demonstrated the close partnership between the us military and the YPG.

"We let the Turks know that the amount of time that was being provided for the strikes was inadequate for us to assure safety of our forces on the ground", said Dorrian. "It was an unsafe way to conduct operations". "It is necessary to demonstrate due political foresight and focus attention on a most important for today task - countering global terrorism represented by Islamic State, (Jabhat al) Nusra and other affiliated groups", the ministry said. But a senior US official said it was about 20 minutes.

Turkey has regularly bombed the border area between Iraq and Turkey where PKK militants are based, but the April 25 air strikes marked the first time Turkey has targeted Kurdish fighters in the Sinjar region.