First female White House chief usher 'no longer employed,' official says

Posted May 06, 2017

Reid was the first woman and second African-American to hold the post.

A White House official confirmed to TPM that Angella Reid "is no longer employed by the White House". The Jamaican-born Reid had been the general manager of the Ritz-Carlton at Pentagon City in Virginia before coming to the White House.

The White House has fired Angella Reid, its chief usher.

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said Friday that Reid left on good terms.

White House ushers are on duty 24/7, taking care of the first family's needs and overseeing the staff, including chefs, florists, maids, butlers, chefs, carpenters and other workers who take care of the presidential residence. The Post noted that Reid was just the ninth chief usher since 1885, appointed by then-President Barack Obama in 2011. No further explanation was given for Reid's departure.

The chief usher is tasked with supervising all activities related to the White House residence.

Sudden dismissals from the White House's permanent staff are rare.

First female White House chief usher 'no longer employed,' official says

"I think it's best if the White House explains", was all Reid herself would say when contacted by the press about her notable absence from the residence staff.

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University, hypothesized that Reid was sacked over Trump's paranoia.

The last one to get the boot was Chris Emery, who was canned by Bill and Hillary Clinton in March 1994 in a bout of paranoia after they learned he had spoken on the phone with former first lady Barbara Bush after the Clintons took office.

Hmm. I don't suppose the matter had anything to do with the fact that Reid was an Obama-era hire who had worked in the White House since 2011 and was rumored to be close to the Obamas. "And fortunately for me, she took me seriously and passed this message on and someone called me back". "She is definitely professional but you're not going to please everybody".

It is simply nothing more than the transition of staff, she added.

On Thursday, Trump claimed an "unbelievable" victory when House Republicans narrowly passed a bill meant to repeal much of the Affordable Care Act.

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