Ivanka Trump Is No Intersectional Feminist - But Can She Become One?

Posted May 06, 2017

Ivanka Trump already has a thrilling history of pulling quotes slightly out of context: last September she tweeted a meme of the words "If not me, who?"

Ivanka's been busy promoting the book, which launched on Tuesday, making sure not to use her White House position to formally promote it.

The Office of Global Women's Issues, a small sub-agency at the State Department, used its official Twitter account to retweet an Ivanka Trump tweet touting her new book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success. Some have joked that Donald Trump can't read, but Ivanka Trump can quote writer Junot Díaz, social reformer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Vox's own David Roberts. It does, and it's a very recognizable one to readers familiar with the favorite rhetorical tropes of President Trump.

Reviewers pointed out Ivanka's sage advice seemed to be aimed at a readership of elite women with her same set of privileges instead of the broad audience the book suggests it's for.

Of course, the biggest critique was Vank's questionable offering of vague feminist values while Donald Trump defunds Planned Parenthood and other pro-women services. But while she didn't speak specifically about her book in those TV and newspaper interviews, she nevertheless achieved a kind of synergy.

But putting the Clintons aside, can anyone really think of a better representative than Ivanka Trump to speak for the administration during a discussion on women in business? One such quote was taken from famed anthropologist, primatologist, wildlife conservationist, and UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, a woman as rich in principle as Trump pretends to be.

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See what the critics had to say about Women Who Work (below)! If a person's identity revolves around having things handed to her, then she must publish a book titled Women Who Work. "So, we might as well work hard for something that is joyful and enriching".

The tweet reads, "Thank you to my lovely sisters for the support of my women who work book". And yet throughout the book she reverts to the tone of a pitch deck ...

In one notable excerpt, the former fashion model discusses hardships she faced while with her father on the campaign trail, such as not "treating myself to a massage".

The quote above comes from Toni Morrison's Pulitzer Prize-winning 1987 novel Beloved, which, inspired by a true story, brings to light the odious ways slavery ripped apart black families through the lens of a mother trying to save her children from its horrors, and the ghastly lengths she endured to do so.

Whether Trump would succeed in empowering women "all depends on what she does in this administration", said Hartmann.