Justice Department Declines To Prosecute Police Officers In Killing Of Alton Sterling

Posted May 06, 2017

The entire exchange between the officers and Sterling was less than 90 seconds, with the actual physical struggle lasting less than 30 seconds.

Most may believe that the fatal shooting by white police offers of a black man named Alton Sterling, is an example of the stagnated state of our nation as it pertains to obvious inequities. Then, one of the officers pulled a gun from his holster and shot the victim five times at close range.

On Tuesday, more than 100 people held a vigil outside the grocery store where Sterling was killed.

If there is anything you need, please communicate with us. Reed says she broke down crying and is "heartbroken", not only because of the decision but because the Justice Department didn't notify the family first.

"We weren't able to provide manpower to those other events because those guys are obligated to be on the streets providing service to the citizens of Baton Rouge", McKneely said. The post continued that after the decision not to charge two officers in the death of Sterling "we will find the cops and execute them".

While announcing the decision not to file charge is unusual for his office, Amundson wanted to address public concerns head on. John McLindon said the "stress of the unknown" has been hard on Salamoni and his family. An attorney for Lake did not return a call seeking comment. The few cases that resulted in federal convictions in the past included the Los Angeles officers acquitted on state charges in the brutal beating of Rodney King in 1991.

Federal investigators consulted use of force experts to evaluate the officers' response.

The DOJ presented the high legal standard to reach in order to bring federal civil rights charges against the officers, "one of the highest standards of intent imposed by law" which requires proof that the officer acted with the specific intent to do something the law forbids.

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Bulmer believes that had he been 30 seconds or a minute later, the unidentified boy would have drowned. As he was walking out of his police vehicle to talk to the child, the youngster fell into the pond.

Last year, some athletes echoed protesters from the community who were frustrated by the death of Alton Sterling.

ALLEN: Well, this case goes to Jeff Landry, who's the attorney general here. After Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie's department carried out an initial investigation, he turned the entire case over to the FBI and US attorneys.

According to the owner of the mart, Abdullah Muflahi, Sterling was armed but was not holding his gun or pointing it at anyone throughout the incident.

As a convicted felon, Sterling couldn't legally carry a gun. A coroner's report on Sterling's autopsy has been sealed. If a cashier can be recorded day and night for both their safety and the safety of the company (theft) than it would seem only right that the same should be said for our officers. Much of that speculation pointed to unreleased audio and video of the encounter that could be used to incriminate officers Salamoni and Lake. The investigation found "insufficient evidence" for federal criminal charges against the police.

Given the Baton Rouge department's history, that allegation is not shocking.

Louisiana State University's athletes have competed in the Southeastern Conference since 1932.

But before Wednesday's (May 3) announcement that the feds won't charge those police, a police officer in a Dallas suburb shot dead 15-year-old Jordan as he and friends were leaving a party that appeared to be getting out of control.

The ruling set off fresh protests in the city, raising alarms among officials about another wave of protests similar to the ones that followed Sterling's death. The mass arrests led to federal lawsuits accusing police of using excessive force and violating protesters' civil rights.