'Guardians' sequel blasts off to $17M on opening night

Posted May 07, 2017

And, of course, Marvel is starting us off.but "Guardians of the Galaxy?". Unfortunately, in the cases of Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron, it didn't work out.

Marvel makes a big splash today as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 arrives in theaters. I'm Johnnie-U, and this has been my movie review. I even own the soundtrack on vinyl.

Fans of the franchise first met the new character in one of the sequel's trailers, learning that Mantis is an alien with empathic powers. "It manages to always touch a younger audience, and I'm a sucker for being a part of movies that touch kids' hearts", she said. And I wanted a chance for our sound department, the guys at Skywalker Sound, to really shine and do something that was nearly operatic with just sound alone.

What Vol 2 does well, is that it expands on the characters exclusively, and not the world. This movie focuses primarily on Peter Quill/Star-Lord's background and meeting his father finally, played by Kurt Russel. It just goes to show, you never know who you might see pop up in a Marvel film! Kurt Russel is good as his father. "As a writer-director I oftentimes draw the scenes first as opposed to writing them because that's more more true to the form that they end up being in". It looks like we'll be seeing more of his "crazy imagination". "It got better as we got older". Said friend agreed with me and then asked "How the fudge is Marvel going to be able to squeeze everybody and everything into Avengers: Infinity War?", only he doesn't actually care for sugary sweet treats.

"I loved working with James".

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In the post, the "Super" helmer stressed to fans who may feel how he once felt that they are not alone.

All the gang are back for the sequel including Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Yondu, Nebula, Rocket... and even Baby Groot is getting into some trouble! He's adorable, funny, and doesn't overstay his welcome in the movie. The characters are amusing, the action scenes are eye-popping and the visuals demand to be seen on a big screen. He and Rocket are as awesome as ever.

The first 25 minutes of the movie gave the impression it isn't much different from its precedent and that it's much more predictable. Readers can also follow me on my social media accounts for the latest scoops. The ending is also very abrupt, kinda just coming out of nowhere.

"I was excited about the script [but] when I first read the script, I wasn't insane about my part". He gets big laughs and a big thumbs up from me. The song list is pretty damn fantastic and overall, has the same glorious presence as it did in the first movie. But it's better handled in the second, partially because most of the characters all now know each other enough to better hear those conversations.

Today, I am Groot.