Netflix blocks rooted Android devices from downloading its app

Posted May 17, 2017

This change is reflected in the change log of the latest update for the Netflix app, confirming that "Version 5.0 only works with devices that are certified by Google and meet all Android requirements".

Android news site Android Police reported Saturday that writers for the site were suddenly unable to see or download the Netflix app from the Google Play store. Hence, not allowing the Netflix app to work on rooted Android devices seems to be the next best step at the moment. That's oddly troubling given that rooted phone users aren't doing anything particularly wrong in rooting their devices or installing custom ROMs.

It's still possible to access Netflix on your rooted device.

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Rooting, though, does void a device's warranty and leaves it more open to security threats. If not, Android Policesuggests a workaround of directly downloading Netflix APKs to receive the latest updates on a blocked device. The Netflix app will be running on Google's Widevine DRM technology with the 5.0 version.

That said, people with the app already available on their phones can continue to use it, although they won't be able to easily reinstall it from the Play marketplace or put it on a new device.

The disappearance of the app from the Google Play Store will likely affect Android users who were hoping to install the app. Netflix, however, has made a decision to buck this trend with the latest version of its own app. Now, majority will have to choose to keep their root access and watch things as they unfold. However, some mirror APKs have emerged, using which Netflix can be run on such unlocked Android devices. If you're browsing the Google Play store from a rooted device, Netflix now shows up as "incompatible with this device". If you root and unlock, then you're out of luck - though, for now, you can still sideload the APK and it appears to work.