Daredevils climb to top of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

Posted May 18, 2017

According to the DailyMail, the teenagers were able to climb the structure 746-foot structure in about ten minutes, after slipping under security fences unnoticed.

"The Golden Gate Bridge is not an amusement park ride", said Denis Mulligan, general manager of the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. "Guys, we've just made it to the top", says one of the teens in the video, adding, "It's so handsome up here".

A climber scales the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bridge officials at a press conference Tuesday condemned the actions - which they became aware of earlier this month - but insisted the pair could not have harmed the span.

Peter Teatime's social media profile is full of videos of him free-climbing and performing parkour stunts, along with several photos of him standing on top of buildings.

"The Golden Gate Bridge is like the most famous bridge in the world-it's an iconic landmark and it's one of the tallest bridges of its type", Peter Teatime told CBS13 via Skype, "so we figured we'd give it a shot because I haven't seen that many people do it and we kind of wanted to be like the first and yeah-we just went for it".

While the video has gone viral, there were no authorities around at the time of the stunt and isn't sure if they have got the footage yet.

"The Golden Gate Bridge isn't a playground", spokesperson Priya David Clemens said in a statement.

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"I want to assure you the bridge is safe", said bridge Capt. Lisa Locati.

The district said in a statement that security systems keep people from harming the bridge, but acknowledged that the trespassing incident "raises questions about how such an unauthorized climb was possible and the potential harm to drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and the climbers themselves".

Additionally, other steps could be taken against the climbers.

Teatime said he respects law enforcement officials and wasn't trying to stir up any trouble.

"Climbing the bridge wasn't even the highest thing I have climbed - but it was definitely the coolest", he confessed. "If there was an accident, I don't want to hurt anyone", he said, adding he would have some security tips to pass on to bridge officials if asked.

"We weren't doing anything wrong", he said.

"I don't think I need to do it again", he said.