Duterte China sidesteps Philippine President's claim of war threat over sea row

Posted May 24, 2017

According to Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon M. Lopez, there is a long list of Filipino businessmen joining the President's state visit to Russian Federation, which started today May 22 up to the 26th. "My interpretation of the meeting is that there was no bullying or pushing around".

Duterte's critics have made much of his refusal to push China to comply with a ruling past year by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, at the end of a case brought by the Philippines against China, which was largely in favour of the Philippines.

But China vowed to ignore the ruling and warned the Philippines against trying to use the verdict as leverage. Having encountered difficulties procuring weapons from the USA due to disagreements over his shoot-to-kill drug war, Duterte is looking to new partners for weapons.

The Maute group is one of less than a dozen new armed Muslim groups that have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and formed a loose alliance in the southern Philippines in recent years.

Earlier, defense Minister of the Philippines Delfin of Lorenzana stated that it will consider the purchase from Russian Federation military aircraft and small arms after signing the agreement with Moscow on cooperation in the defense sphere.

"Do you expect me to fight China in a war?" "Why? Because we hate the sin but we love the sinner". We will go to war.

USA military ties have been loosened even though China is expanding its presence into Philippine-claimed waters in the South China Sea. "Same objective. If they can spare us the precision-guided (bombs). we have so many smart bombs but not as accurate as the ones guided by laser or satellite", he said at a Philippine Coast Guard Auxillary national convention, according to the Philstar. A senior Trump administration official acknowledged the accuracy of the transcript to the Washington Post, while well-placed Philippines sources confirmed its authenticity to Philippines' Rappler news. "There was mutual respect, there was mutual trust", Cayetano told reporters.

This is the iPhone 8, apparently
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Duterte's spokesman, Enesto Abella, said Monday that Duterte's first and last priority is national interest and the well-being of Filipinos, and that China and the Philippines are committed to peaceful resolutions of their disputes.

"I'd like to express condolences over the death of people in your country as a result of a terrorist attack", Putin said.

"Many countries have the problem, we have the problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that", Trump said, according to the transcript.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a weekly look at the latest developments in the South China Sea, the location of several territorial conflicts that have raised tensions in the region.

"We are very clear that we are not giving up our claim of sovereignty and sovereign rights over certain islands in the South China Sea".