Cabinet Members Testifying on Trump Budget on Capitol Hill

Posted May 27, 2017

What effect would Trump's budget have on Medicaid?

But Mulvaney went on to describe what compassion in Donald Trump's America will look like: Major funding boosts for programs that Trump promised on the campaign trail; huge cuts to safety net programs that neither Mulvaney nor Trump seem to understand very well; and a enormous corporate and personal tax cut that most economists say will blow a hole in the federal budget, but that Mulvaney insists will boost the economy to 3 percent annual growth and somehow balance the budget in 10 years. All Americans. A budget without a heart should be dead on arrival.

Republicans, he said, care about the poor, kids and elderly.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., called Trump's aim to cut funding for welfare and disability assistance are "astonishing" and "immoral".

Mick Mulvaney, the former tea party congressman, told the House Budget Committee that he went line by line through the federal budget and asked, "Can we justify this to the folks who are actually paying for it?" Mexico emphatically rejects that notion. "We want to measure compassion, true compassion, instead by the number of people that we help get off of these programs and get back in charge of their own lives", Mulvaney told the House Committee on the Budget Wednesday following the proposal's first formal introduction to lawmakers. All federal programs should be continually evaluated for effectiveness and affordability, and that must include Social Security and Medicare, regardless of the politics. About two-in-ten adults (21%) said they favored reducing federal funding for the program, including 10% who held that view strongly. "They're not mere shavings, they're deep, deep cuts".

The White House has denied the president's budget proposal contains an "egregious" math error. Do we just want to limit and manage the left's usual criticism that Republicans are interested only in denying benefits to widows, orphans, etc., or are we prepared to make hard but necessary spending reductions and then sell the budget to the public and run on it in 2018? In agriculture, the proposed budget would limit subsidies to farmers, including for purchasing crop insurance, a move already attacked by farm state lawmakers. When the administration tried to cut these programs for this fiscal year, we didn't let it happen. "Come on. That doesn't add up".

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On numerous occasions, Mulvaney was required to tell Congress that most Americans do not understand the specialized Washington jargon in which an increase in government spending is called a decrease in government spending. Subsidized student loans would be eliminated, starting in 2018.

A fellow Republican is lacing into President Donald Trump's budget, saying his promises to balance it are based on fanciful economic projections. Dick Durbin of IL.

But it's up to Congress to decide what the final budget looks like, and it's likely to look very different from Trump's. -Mexican border wall. The president does make good on his promise to invest in infrastructure: $200 billion.

During the campaign, Trump attacked the weak economic growth of the Barack Obama years, and pledged that his economic program would boost growth from the lackluster 2 percent rates seen since recovery began in mid-2009.

Mr. Mulvaney said Mr. Trump's proposed reforms on taxes, trade and regulations, coupled with an anticipated repeal of parts of Obamacare, would help drive that growth, which is about a percentage point greater than what other major economic forecasters have predicted.