Effigies of Rajinikanth burnt, protestors term him Kannadiga

Posted May 30, 2017

Meanwhile, BJP's Rajya Sabha member Subramaniam Swamy hit out at Rajinikanth, saying he has got no clue when it comes to politics and suggested he should stick to acting.

Rajinikanth's Kannada origins are often a focal point of discussion in Tamil Nadu, with pro-Tamil groups raising the pitch whenever the Cauvery river water sharing dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka escalates.

Rajinikanth has been in the news for hinting on a political journey.

To a question in BJP MP Subramanian Swamy's comments that if Rajinikanth joins BJP he Swamy stay away from TN politics, Mr Gadkari said Mr Swamy has his independent opinion.

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Frenzied fans who had gathered here at a meeting with their hero last week erupted in joy when Rajini asked them to prepare for "war", taking it as a signal that he would join politics.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President Su Thirunavukkarasar on Saturday said that he believes Tamil "Superstar" Rajinikanth will not join any national or regional political party but will only float his own party.

The actor's political entry is largely being debated and discussed across the nation, for the certain reason that he would be the next big face of Tamil Nadu state after the demise of Jayalalitha. If Rajini takes political plunge, it would be game changer in Tamil Nadu. I grew up with you. " We are sure that he has a plan as he has expressed his political intent in public. Although I came as a Marathi from Karnataka, you people nurtured me, made me a true Tamilian", he said.

Earlier this week, Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam had burnt effigies of Rajinikanth in Gandhipuram, at Coimbatore city after the actor urged his fans to be ready for the "war"(political entry). He had also added that he is "a pure Tamil" and that he has been in Tamil Nadu for more than 40 years.