Overwatch's Next Map Teased, Takes Place on Lunar Colony

Posted May 31, 2017

We'll have to see what Blizzard has planned, but if members of the Overwatch team are headed to Luna in order to unearth the truth, it's looking likely that it will form the basis of a new map, perhaps leading to the discovery that Hammond is now its leader. All signs seemingly point to that new hero being another genetically modified gorilla who was raised on the moon.

In a post on the game's website, the developer teased out new details about the "Horizon Lunar Colony" a fictional civilization on the moon where the one and only Winston was created. It sheds light on the program taking place in Horizon Lunar Colony. The latter is apparently a "smaller test subject", meaning he might not be the brutish tank that Winston is.

A character by the name of Zhang hints that it was a bad idea to have a specimen that was smaller than all the others, so it's unclear whether Hammond is a young gorilla or some other species of Primate.

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Although the connection to Horizon Lunar Colony is unstable, Lucheng was also able to retrieve an image taken from the monitoring system.

Blizzard has begun teasing a new multiplayer map for the community, which also inadvertently confirms the arrival of the next Overwatch hero.

With the game's customizable settings in custom lobbies, you can personalize everything from the ability cooldowns to the health pool of each individual hero. Kaplan said during the same interview that there are "cool content drops every single month between now and the end of the year". The creators of Overwatch have previously stated that they would like more dynamic maps which is why they installed a jump pad in Oasis.