Reptile Aliens Subdue Humans in Trailer for Neill Blomkamp Film

Posted June 03, 2017

Blomkamp's already a short film pro; he worked on many before hitting it big with the full-length District 9. Weaver and Blomkamp, who joined forces for 2015's Chappie, were supposed to work together on an Alien film that would've taken place after the second film but ignored Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection.

Sci-fi specialist Neill Blomkamp is serving up a taste of Oats Studios, his new venture creating experimental short films for distribution online.

"The new world altered everyone", the trailer's narrator says, though she could be talking about the film industry.

Whatever Oat Studios ends up being, we'll find out in the near future - the first volume is supposedly streaming "soon", according to the teaser.

Via io9, the teaser for Oat Studios Volume 1 paints a picture of a devastating alien invasion, that's apparently left Earth at the mercy of lizard-like aliens and Paris overrun by vegetation.

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Blomkamp first revealed the project previous year after asking fans if they would be interested in purchasing short films off the (majorly) gaming platform Steam. The images he posted turned out to be one of the aliens seen in the trailer, as well as a Vietnam soldier.

It seems that Blomkamp's love for Aliens is as strong as ours.

So what do we see?

The shorts appear to feature all the Blomkamp trademarks, including realistic CGI characters and environments, as well as socio-political subject matter relating to the human condition.

Given Blomkamp's pedigree, there's reason to think his Oats shorts could reach similar heights.