WatchOS 4: the big changes coming to your Apple Watch

Posted June 06, 2017

Apple is also adding a new Siri watch face, that will bring a timeline offering various information that's customized by the user.

Besides watchOS 4, Apple announced new versions of iOS, tvOS, and macOS.

Siri now shows an information stream quite like Google Now on your Apple Watch. The watch will now change the information displayed onscreen depending on the user's personal apps, including calendar, notes, traffic, weather, and many others. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch faces were some of the most popular and talked-out designs when the Apple Watch first debuted, and now they have company in Woody, Jessie, and Buzz from Toy Story, which have new watch faces in watchOS 4. Apple has a new UI for the workout app as well with smarter coaching.With WatchOS 4, Apple Watch will communicate and exchange data with gym equipment.

Finally, the Apple Watch can now be paired with select gym equipment so data is more reliable and accurate.

Perhaps the biggest update WatchOS 4 will bring to the Apple Watch is dynamic watch faces.

Apple says it is automatically syncing content from the Apple Watch it thinks you'll want to listen to, so your mixes and playlists and new albums will all be available on the Watch without you having to mess around with transfers.

We're past 10:00 AM in San Jose, California, which means that WWDC 2017 has officially begun. You can also pick a playlist that automatically starts with your workout, giving you some extra on-wrist control. It's likely Apple will follow the same format as the launch of watchOS 3 a year ago, which saw the release of a beta test phase immediately following the presentation. Brandon Ballinger, founder of Cardiogram, a health-tracking app for Apple Watch, said it's exactly what developers need to do just that.

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watchOS 4 will hit all eligible wearables later this fall.

Apple will release a new bluetooth API for Apple Watch, its heath and fitness-tracking smartwatch. It will sport a trippy animation that changes over the day, and when users rotate digital crown.

The Activity app has also gotten a minor update with watchOS 4. The company has addressed the problems with gym equipment as well with WatchOS 4.

In watchOS 4, the Music experience is getting a redesign and revamp. A more powerful Workout feature with High Intensity Interval Training and multiple workouts in a single session will be added.

Apple watchOS 4 is going to launch as an update this fall, while the developer's preview will start seeding later today.

Tim Cook opened the event and without wasting much time we cut straight to the chase as the first major announcement that was made was about the tvOS and Apple TV.