Jeff Sessions Knocked 'Hysteria' Out of Kamala Harris, Former Trump Adviser Says

Posted June 17, 2017

Peek behind the red velvet curtains at the United States Supreme Court and you'll find male justices interrupting the female justices at that same three-to-one rate, according to a study published this year. But she cautiously noted that, alongside the progress the country has made, "We also recognize this is an incredibly challenging moment in our history". Harris asked Sessions during an open session of the committee. "But when we rush to say "this is sexist" immediately, all the time, or 'this is racist, ' I think we demean those actual instances where it happens".

Powers again questioned how that was the same thing as "hysterical", but Miller said it was just "his opinion". Members get a small amount of time to ask questions and make their points.

The result, one side rushing, the other stalling, is never pretty. "They maybe do it thoughtlessly, and a lot of good could come from just saying, "Hey, sorry I said that" or 'Sorry I said it that way'".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a senator for 20 years before accepting his current post in the Trump Administration. Mr. Rosenstein, would you like to thoroughly answer the question?

Sessions then gave a winding answer that exhausted the rest of Harris's time, and he did not answer whether he had seen a written rule. Senator Harris, let him answer.

"I am protecting the president's constitutional right by not giving it away before he has the chance to use it", Sessions said. 'It makes me nervous'. If I don't qualify it you'll accuse me of lying.

"Did you ask that it would be shown to you?" John McCain, Republican of Arizona. So her rapid-fire shots aimed at Sessions may not be a surprise for someone with a background that involved questioning witnesses.

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McCain stepped in to tell Burr, who is the chairman of the committee, that Sessions "should be allowed to answer the question".

PAULA FARRIS: Well you want that, but you have to let him qualify, you still have to let them finish he wasn't done speaking.

Back when now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in the middle of the confirmation hearings in which he seemingly perjured himself about contacts with Russian officials, Senator Elizabeth Warren tried to read a letter Coretta Scott King wrote to the Judiciary Committee about Sessions into the Congressional record. Sessions then squinted and the corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly.

Before Harris got her "yes or no" answer, Burr cut her off and said her time had expired. However, instead of "passionate", Harris is viewed as "combative" and "hysterical" - two terms used by political contributors and senators to describe Harris's method of questioning.

"The policy is based on the principle that the President-" Sessions said.

The scene Wednesday was almost identical to one that played out during a hearing last week, when Harris was questioning Rosenstein. I also think Sessions and McCain hoped their actions would evoke a stereotypical response from Harris - perhaps the rolling of her neck or eyes, or even a response in an angry tone.