This Spider-Man does whatever a spider-companion can do

Posted June 18, 2017

Spider-Man by Sphero is a Wi-Fi enabled snark machine with eyes that animate with the audio from the speaker and lots of ways to play with kids. Sphero says Spider-Man neither sends information over the web nor stores data in the app. The toy is able to recognize phrases like "tell a joke", "let's hang out" and "tell me a story", CNET reported.

We had the chance to get hands on and speak with the little Marvel superhero at a Sphero event in Toronto weeks ago where the interactive Spider-Man was first revealed and were impressed by the amount of dialogue, the app options, and even the little Easter Eggs added in.

What's Sphero's Spider-Man Really About?

Remember how excited everyone was when the latest movie version of Spider-Man could squint his eyes?

Since this new Spider-Man toy uses voice commands, it's understandable that parents might worry about privacy. There's even an infrared sensor, allowing Spider-Man to go into "guard mode", warning off any intruders who enter his owner's bedroom.

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Generally, Spider-Man doesn't look or act as impressive robotics-wise as Sphero's prior releases, but it still pushes the toy market forward with voice controls and a more interactive experience. Aside from the eyes and web-slinger gear on its wrist, though, the toy is wearing a classic Spider-Man costume.

Sphero's Spider-Man Interactive App-Enabled Super Hero is available today for purchase for $149.99, in plenty of time to take advantage of excitement for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Aside from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which comes out August 22, many of Sony's most ambitious and anticipated exclusive games don't have firm release dates, and it will likely be 2018 before we see several of them. You know, standard friendly neighborhood hero stuff. There's also a built-in accelerometer, so the toy can provide commentary if it detects that it's being picked up or being shaken around. For any Spider-Man fan, this is not only an interactive companion or toy, but it's a unique collectible and the ultimate alarm clock.