Saudi Arabia says it disrupts attack on offshore oil field

Posted June 20, 2017

Iran on Monday denied three members of its elite Revolutionary Guard had been arrested aboard an explosives-laden boat as claimed by Saudi Arabian authorities. Their destination was the Marjan oil field, it said.

In April, Saudi security forces said they thwarted an attempted attack on an oil distribution center involving an unmanned boat from Yemen loaded with explosives.

"Saudi Arabia fired on two fishing boats, leading to the death of one of the fishermen", Aqababai said, according to the Young Journalists Club site. The captured boat was carrying weapons "for subversive purposes", the brief SPA report said.

The assault was not only aimed at sending a message to IS, but also to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.Tehran had repeatedly accused the Saudis and Washington of supporting terrorists and trying to destabilize Iran.

"The individuals who came face to face with the Saudi forces are simple fishermen and their boat is a fishing boat", Aghababaei was quoted by Iran's Young Journalists Club as saying.

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Majid Aghababaie, head of border affairs at Iran's interior ministry, said the three people detained were fishermen from the southern Iranian port of Bushehr.

Aghababaie said "even if the boats had entered Saudi waters, the coastguard were not authorised to open fire".

Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments cut ties with Qatar June 5, claiming among other things that the country is supporting Iran.

On Sunday, Iran has launched six ballistic missiles into Syria, targeting positions of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists in retaliation for the twin attacks in Tehran earlier this month.