Watch Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil 2 presentation

Posted June 29, 2017

Beyond Good and Evil 2, the prequel to the 2003 cult hit, was unveiled during Ubisoft's E3 press conference with an unbelievable CG trailer that made mouths drop all over the world.

There is no planned release date or target platforms for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but we can't wait to hear more about the work being done on the game. With a functional prototype, we expect the game's development to gather speed at long last.

Helmed by creative director Michel Ancel, the 14 minute video aims to showcase Beyond Good and Evil 2's technical elements while also providing a glimpse at how it will play.

Ubisoft unveiled a new gameplay video for Beyond Good and Evil 2, displaying Ubisoft's very own Michel Ancel playing the attractive in-engine game demo. We didn't get much more than confirmation through a cinematic trailer, as well as the promise that it would be a large-scale game with spacecraft in an era before Jade had ever been born. From there, blast off into outer space and get a feel for the game's spaceship sections, and then crash back down to the craggy surface of the planet.

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"We want interactivity to be the heart of the whole experience", Ancel says.

One aspect of the original that will be returning is the ability to take pictures of what is going on in the game, and use those to show other characters as evidence of what you have seen.

Not only is there an incredibly large occupiable space in this game, but you can explore it from your ship in and out of orbit, with a game engine that looks ripe for opportunity.