Player Blames Wimbledon Loss With Being 'Bored'

Posted July 06, 2017

It wasn't just that he lost but the way he lost, with little effort or interest, and a casual indifference to it all that has triggered such strong reactions from the tennis fraternity. "I'm exhausted of your act, Bernie".

We know how seriously the Australians take their sport.

Grand slam doubles champion Rennae Stubbs labelled Tomic's comments a disgrace.

Tomic had made his professional debut at 15, which means at 24, he's been on tour for nine years. Before that he played the junior circuit.

Tomic could be charged with bring the sport into disrepute and fined. Bernie is not the first player whose career has been shaped by abusive tyrant dads.

Clearly Tomic has enjoyed tennis more in the past.

How dare Tomic - who, often to his detriment, is brutally honest - shatter our illusions that playing sport for money is the greatest career in the world? Former world No 1 Marat Safin used to throw tantrums on court and tank matches.

Hunt takes a pro-active approach as a coach when it comes to sportsmanship, often highlighting the wrongdoings of Tomic and Kyrgios to her students. When you have spent almost your entire childhood and adolescence training, practicing and travelling between tournaments, all in preparation for becoming a professional tennis player, isn't it natural to get a little exhausted of it by the time you enter your twenties? More importantly, they don't have the results to back up their behaviour.

Who among us has any right to tell him not to feel like that? "You'd like to help the kid, as a person, just to talk to him to see what he's interested in doing as a passion and try to work with that", Rasheed said. The spectators paid good money to come here and watch Wimbledon and the guy shows up and doesn't try, he can't be bothered. Tomic looked despondent during the match and later listed the reasons mentioned above.

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"If you ask Roger (Federer) if he'll do it, then I'll do it", was his first reply to the question. Centre Court seats can cost up to £100 in the first week.

But he vowed to play on, knowing he can retire rich in a decade.

His comments enraged not only the Australian tennis fraternity, but a few of those outside it as well. His words suggested that he is only in it for the cash saying that he just doesn't have it in him to respect tennis anymore, but he will keep on playing for another 10 years, despite what he says. He added, perhaps in jest but perhaps not, that injured players in round one should get a doctor's note. Why doesn't he just get another job?' one man wrote.

"That's his opinion. I'm sure he's on the computer somewhere making $50 an hour", Tomic said.

Tomic accepted he could shake up his support team in a bid to get his career going again but said: "I don't think I really want it".

It is this sense of entitlement that makes it harder to sympathise with Tomic. Much to the shock of many, Tomic said he was feeling bored during the contest, and cited lack of motivation as well as respect for the sport, during the post-match interview. All he has to do is ask compatriot Mark Philippoussis, another talented but underachieving player who blew his fortune and went into debt soon after retirement.

The Australian hit 25 unforced errors compared to Zverev's 14 and appeared to lose interest in the match midway through the second set, strolling around the court without any sense of urgency.

Bernard Tomic in round one action. But, sometimes, that just isn't enough.