Delta Flight Attendant Breaks Two Bottles of Wine Over Violent Passenger's Head

Posted July 11, 2017

Hudek punched one flight attendant twice in the face and struck at least one passenger in the head with a red dessert wine bottle, according to the complaint. Two minutes later, he again exited the restroom and then ran towards an emergency exit door and attempted to open it.

Immediately, two flight attendants tried to stop Hudek and called for backup as he pushed them away and kept trying to force the door open. A passenger who tried to help staff was hit on the head with a bottle of red wine and more passengers... One of the passengers on the flight was 23-year-old Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, who had a first-class ticket thanks to his mother, who works for Delta.

Hudek allegedly said after getting smacked with the bottle. So, naturally, Hudek finds a bottle of wine and slams it against a passenger's head. However a flight attendant involved in Thursday's incident said that if the altercation had occurred at a lower altitude, the door might have opened.

During the return to Seattle, Hudek "remained extremely combative, and multiple passengers were needed to restrain Hudek and keep him restrained until the plane landed safely", according to the complaint.

Hudek now faces a felony charge of interfering with a flight crew, which carries a possible sentence of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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In this incident, three people were injured aboard Delta flight 129, and this included two passengers and one crew member, informed the people present there.

Officials said the flight would leave for Beijing later last night.

Delta described the event as a "security incident with a passenger". As the aircraft, Boeing 767-300ER, a twin-aisle returned around 7.40 pm to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the passenger who tried to seek entry was taken by law enforcement officers by law after the flight returning to the gate, said Delta. Initially, two people familiar with it told CNN on condition of anonymity that the man tried to enter the cockpit, but the altercation took place just outside the cockpit door in the forward galley.

But, representatives from Delta and the North American Aerospace Defense Command said no such escort happened. But "there is no information to suggest this is a national security threat", said Federal Bureau of Investigation specialist Ayn Dietrich-Williams.

The FBI Seattle field office maintains a regular presence at the airport and assisted in interviewing passengers from the flight, Dietrich-Williams said.