Final Fight's Abigail Joining Street Fighter 5 Later This Month

Posted July 17, 2017

Starting with Street Fighter 5, the next DLC character will be Abigail from Final Fight (Capcom's Double Dragon knock-off).

Whether or not it will be Abigail remains to be seen, but it will not be a shock if it ends up being him. Until now, Capcom has brought in Ed, Kolin, and Akuma for the game's second season. Opponents will get a tough fight, as Abigail can squeeze the life bar of her opponent drastically with the grapple move, a punch combination and a move in which the opponent is nothing but a punching bag for Abigail, notes In the third version of Street Fighter, Hugo, another of member of the Made Gear gang, joined the game.

The latest Season 2 character announced. In Street Fighter 5, his is looking for his prized monster truck.

Stanton to defend, Judge hopes to rule Home Run Derby
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During the Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2017) over the weekend, the developer confirmed Abigail as the fourth downloadable character for the game. Further, there is something ridiculous about his character, and he is seen driving an imaginary vehicle as part of his introduction. The new stage can also be purchased using Fight Money. The pass is available for $29.99 and brings five other fighters and a bunch of battle costumes, too. Even so, it doesn't rule out the possibility of more fan favorites coming to Street Fighter 5 through the game's Season 3 DLC.

A new stage, the "Metro City Bay Area", will launch alongside Abigail on July 25.