Google Glass Enterprise unveiled - Wearable makes surprise return

Posted July 20, 2017

Google's renewed push into the enterprise space with Glass will put fresh pressure on Microsoft to accelerate its HoloLens efforts; its headset is still officially sold as a "Development Edition" device, and its next HoloLens model is not expected until 2019. Workers from fields like manufacturing, logistics, field services and healthcare who usually have their hands full, now have a device that can provide them information straight to their eyes.

Google is working with several dozen partners to build customised software and business solutions for Glass. Not just the camera, the new Google Glass also has better battery life, faster WiFi and more powerful processor.

If your company is interested, Google is now taking requests at the Google Glass site. They have worked with the likes of GE mechanics and custom software to help them assemble and fix airplane engines using Glass.

Kothari also revealed that the Google Glass team is working with the Google Cloud team and other partners to help enterprises across sectors make best use of the wearable. For example, at agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO, Glass has taken 25% off the time it takes to produce machinery.

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Google claims the Enterprise Edition us being used by hundreds of employees from companies like GE, Boeing, DHL and Volkswagon.

Glass Enterprise Edition still largely resembles the original smart glasses, with an optical head-mounted display and built-in camera. Hit the link for more details. But Google smartly identified the use case of this product and took the time to test it before making an official announcement. Glass isn't now designed for day-to-day office use.

Alphabet X, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google's parent company, has announced the revival of the long forgotten Google Glass in the form of Google Glass Enterprise (EE) Edition. All these statistics came from using the first edition Glass. Delivery firm DHL has improved supply chain efficiency by 15% as instructions about the placement on carts of certain items now comes from visual instructions over Glass.

Gizmodo also says medical professionals have also streamlined their work as the glasses reduce the need for paperwork by around 20 per cent, giving them "much more time with their patients".