Jacksonville mother admits to killing 11-year-old, driving with body

Posted August 10, 2017

"It was obvious that the 11-year-old did not die from injuries from the accident", Barlow said.

"I can't even wrap my head around what even would have made [my wife] snap", Plummer told the station. Foul play was suspected, he said.

Newsome, 37, was arrested on charges of concealing the body of her daughter, Kaye-lea Plummer, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Pocahontas Times, Newsome told detectives that she had killed her daughter and was abusive to her.

Plummer told the Jacksonville station he and Newsome got married in 2007 and were separated two years later. "The child was placed in the vehicle early Saturday morning and she headed toward Buffalo, New York".

Police said a couple from New York City who were driving on the same highway reported that they saw Newsome remove a body from the truck and drag it over the hill after the 11:20 a.m. crash.

A mother was charged with concealing a body after police say she drove for two days with her daughter's dead body in the auto.

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Newsome was headed to NY to see Kay-Lea's father who spoke with Action News Jax reporter Russell Colburn, who said that he spoke with Newsome while she drove and she acted like everything was fine. The woman said the child did not move, eat, drink, speak or use the restroom for two days as they drove from Jacksonville to the scene of the accident.

Police said Jacksonville authorities went to Newsome's residence and found evidence of the crime there. West Virginia State Police Sgt.

Media reports from West Virginia said Newsome was on her way to Buffalo with the child's body Sunday morning when her vehicle struck a guard rail on Allegheny Mountain, a mile and a half west of the Virginia border.

"They just said she was found at the scene of an accident, but they don't believe my daughter died there", Plummer said. On Sunday, police came to his workplace Sunday to tell him his daughter was dead and estranged wife was in jail.

Speaking to Jacksonville's News 4 Jax, Plummer called his wife an excellent mother and said that she must have "snapped".

Police told him on Sunday his daughter was dead and Newsome was incarcerated, Plummer said in the interview.

He spoke highly of Newsome, saying she was "the only person I trusted my child with". 'Something is very, very wrong.