Massive Perseid meteor shower lights up night sky

Posted August 14, 2017

The meteor show began a few weeks ago and is expected to continue for another week.

The Perseid meteor shower was seen over parts of the United Kingdom last night, giving stargazers the opportunity to spot dozens of shooting stars in the sky.

Corp said smoke and a semi-full moon may make it more hard to clearly see the shooting stars, but should still be visible with less light pollution out at the beach.

"Usually in the United Kingdom we are either clouded out or suffer the ill effects of the Moon on meteor showers, and they usually end in disappointment", he said. The Perseid meteor shower is better appreciated under a clear sky away from the major cities.

The natural phenomenon can be viewed without a telescopeHow can I watch the Perseid meteor shower?

Thousands took to social media to share their pictures of the the shooting stars and their thoughts about the occasion as the meteors fell over the United Kingdom earlier today.

The Perseids are so-called because the point from which they appear, known as the radiant, lies in the constellation of Perseus.

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Tonight's the night of the annual Perseid meteor showers over Ireland - and like nearly every other year, there's cloud cover predicted.

Although there are many meteorological events throughout the year, the Perseids is the most prolific.

When does the Perseid meteor shower peak?

It is visible to the naked eye, and there is no need for binoculars and telescopes as it appears for a fraction of seconds as shooting stars and can get as high as 100 meteors per hour.

The display peaked in the United Kingdom on Saturday and into Sunday, but can be seen all around the world. "The moonlight can create a haze and reduce the number of shooting stars you see".

Kim Harris from Haywards Heath also tweeted to say she saw two meteors in the space of 10 minutes last night.