Google Allo's Web Client Is Now Rolling Out for Android Users

Posted August 16, 2017

Once the pairing with mobile app is accomplished, you can access all your chats, groups, Google Assistant in Allo app on your PC too. But it is reasonable to say, the iOS version will be getting it soon.

As a user, you don't need to do anything on your end for the "Allo on web" option to show up in your Google Allo app. This feature now works only on select emojis.There's also a shortcut to access the Google Assistant.

The web client for Allo was expected to debut in February this year, but Google delayed it for some unknown reasons. Google revealed the new web app today, allowing those on Android to pair their phones with their computers and send messages from there. Then you will need to open Allo on your Android Phone.

Allo, the messaging app that Google is hoping can compete with all the messaging giants out there, hasn't really taken off the way they wanted to. By doing this, Allo opens a viewfinder on the device, asking you to navigate to the web on your computer. Go to the Allo website, and there you'll find a QR code. If the app isn't running on your phone or your phone isn't connected to the internet, you can't use Allo through the web app. The web version is the same thing as you will see on your smartphone, which is cool because if your smartphone dies then you will still have the web version. There's the left pane where all your conversations are, and there's the wider right pane featuring the actual chat bubbles and threads. The messaging app, which lets you chat with your friends and foes, retain most of the features on its web client which is available on the mobile app.

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What is Google Allo for web?

It works similar to WhatsApp for the web.

However, Allo may not be going after the developed markets so much as it's trying to establish a foothold in emerging ones.

Even though America only has 17 percent of the total downloads, it is in second place, which is still not bad. It's a smart messaging app in that it has the power of Google built-in and can learn over time.