Missing woman found alive after month in forest

Posted August 16, 2017

Theris was found when a motorist saw her on the side of a motorway, initially thinking she had spotted a deer.

Pictured missing, Louisville, Alabama woman, Lisa Theris who was discovered over the weekend after having been lost for up to 28 days in the Midway woods. "I just thank God that she's alive", Sheriff Raymond Rodgers told WSFA.

A woman who went missing in the wilderness has been found alive after almost a month of living off berries and wild mushrooms with no shelter, according to reports.

The radiology student's family had reported her missing on July 23rd. "She was drinking water out of a brook and eating berries and mushrooms", according to Sheriff Rogers.

It brought to an end a multi-county search for the radiologist student, who was reported missing on July 23., the Daily Mail reported.

Without her phone or purse she had no way of contacting anyone, and so her disappearance had become a cause for concern. He told WFSA: "She called us and told us she had located the missing person".

Officials say she had no idea the men meant to commit a robbery, and not wanting to be an accessory to a crime, the 25-year-old radiology student ran away from the men into the nearby woods. "Her will to live was strong, when you have a will to live and survive". "In the days to come, we'll get some answers", Sgt. Chad Faulkner of the sheriffs office said at a press conference.

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She told police she was on the move during the time she was lost, trying to get help. We didn't ask her too many questions. Finally the young lady has been found and she's alive.

"She ran into the wooded area at night", Rodgers told the NBC affiliate based in Montgomery, Alabama.

Brother Will celebrated her discovery on Facebook by posting a picture of his resilient sister.

"I've been doing this now going on 15 years and I've never seen anything like it". "She had been out lost in the woods". "And maybe she could give us some insight and fill in the blank spaces". "Her will to live was strong, when you have a will to live and survive".

Her brother, who spoke to WSFA, said that while there have been "complications", his sister is still "standing strong". "There is not an inch of her that has not been affected". The two men, Manley Davis and Randall Oswald, have since been captured and charged.

Faulkner said Theris" survival has been a "relief' to the entire department.

"She's in severe pain, but is slowly improving", he said. "We are very thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers".